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Hangman Blind (Abbess of Meaux Mystery, #1)

Hangman Blind (Abbess of Meaux Mystery, #1) - Cassandra Clark Hildegard, a nun in 14th Century England travels through Yorkshire to find a grange to start her own house of nuns with money left from a deceased husband. She has contacts to the West, but on her way there she finds hanged men and a mutilated boy and finds that the danger and horror doesn't stop once she reaches her old home.

I am not a historical fiction reader, but I am wanting to try all sorts of genres so I took the plunge since this one did not seem so engrossed with romance and love. I am saddened I didn't like this book, but not particularly surprised. I read around 100 pages before I began skimming, and then I became tired and turned to the ending.

It was handy that at the end there, I found the protagonist Hildegard re-visiting the Abbot from the beginning of the novel and tells him the entire story, because I skipped everything and just read that. I don't think this is great storytelling and I was terribly disappointed by the book. It wasn't particularly badly written-though there were a few mistakes and some sentences that could be worded better-I just was not gripped by the characters or happenings. For a historical novel, it was less historical and more story.

I did enjoy learning about the state of England at that time and I have noted from other reviewers that it is mostly or completely accurate, which I'm pleased with. Accurate history is something I covet.