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Ayoade on Ayoade

Ayoade on Ayoade - Richard Ayoade Richard Ayoade: Actor, Writer, Director. Father, Husband, Man. Nasal, Norwegian, Nigerian. Some Other Things, Too.

In this book, Richard Ayoade interviews himself, Richard Ayoade, about his life in the limelight, mostly concentrating on his love for film and the films he has made, namely the only two he has made, Submarine and The Double.

This is not a biography. Or an autobiography, though there are some elements of such here. It's more of an assault of autobiographies and interviews and cinema as a whole, and so many other things.

P.S. Don't buy this book on Kindle. You will regret it and want to kill yourself for not heeding my Wise Words. This book is built upon the footnote and appendix system, and you MUST flick back and forth between the three in order to fully appreciate Ayoade's might. Do. Not. Buy. On. Kindle.