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Bonkers: My Life in Laughs

Bonkers: My Life in Laughs - Jennifer Saunders Jennifer Saunders is a British Comedienne, actress, writer, west-end show creator and general National Treasure. She's also survived cancer.

Let's cut to the chase: this is exactly what an auto-biography should be like. I will admit that I only read sports or comedian bios simply because I am in love with athletes and comedians will always write something funny. It's in their bones, the pun is 100% intended.
They should also not be taken too seriously. Piling on 300 pages of serious happ'nings in the back catalogue of your life is pretty boring. Do you want to sit down with Jennifer Saunders, the fat one from French & Saunders, and listen to her tell you, in minute detail, every single second of the way her husband proposed to her? DO YOU? No. You want her to be awesome and share the hilarious stuff in her life, some heart-breaking moments mixed in just to keep it grounded, just as comedy should be.

I am slightly biased. I'm going to admit that right here, right now. I love Jennifer. I love her husband more. I wish I was married to him. Even though he's mega bald. I also hate autobiographies unless they're funny (or related to a hawt piece of totty who places Cricket or Rugby. Let's glaze over that thought for a moment and put it aside.)
I think that's the entire point of an autobiography, in my opinion. Here we are not getting massive family tree explanations. Do you actually know the name and job title of your best friends Grandparents? Probably not. Do you want to know Jennifer's Grandparents names and job titles? WHY ON EARTH FOR. To keep this light, I will not indulge myself in a life-long rant about the Sleb Culture we have engrossed ourselves in.

Instead I will list a few things that you should expect from this book...
A quick rush through Jennifer Saunders life, stopping off at The Comic Strip Presents... French and Saunders, Absolutely Fabulous, Jam and Jerusalem and Viva Forever. Plus some weird film idea she nearly but didn't write for Goldie Hawn with Ruby Wax.
Some good snaps.
An hilarious telling of Jennifer's mummy having a stroke.
Lots of animals.
"Being on Comedy Tour" anecdotes that involve Cher.

No, it isn't an in-depth look at one of the best comedians that has come out of England. No, it isn't exactly in chronological order most of the time. No, it doesn't give you an minute-by-minute explanation of how Ade proposed to her.

But it does give you something: Laughter. The most important thing for a comedian to give.

Incidentally, Dawn French has a bio out too: Dear Fatty. So does Rik Mayall. Ade doesn't. Neither does Nigel, Alexei or Peter. All in good time, though. I hope.