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Feed - Mira Grant I'm almost, wait, I am definitely one hundred percent certain that Buffy was a Vampire Slayer, not a Zombie Slayer. I'm not even going to bother writing about how different those two things are. I was quite excited about reading this book: I have recently (along with most people) become quite interested in reading Zombie books, and zombie books about all the different aspects of zombie books: before the zombies came, during, after, much after. But I'm not really interested in the silly thoughts of three teenagers (I think? Tell me those aren't adults) who, whilst commendably are trying to "get the truth out there", are just roving about being arses. Plus it's the same truth that always appears in a zombie book, or film, or TV series. The bloody government with their bloody ideas of being Holier Than Thou. Whatever happened to the Necromancers, that's what I want to know.