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The Stuff Of Nightmares

The Stuff Of Nightmares - Malorie Blackman Couldn't finish this book. I'd heard of Malorie Blackman and knew second-hand that she was a very good author, but I just didn't like her style.
The plot, now that I think of it, was quite interesting, but I thought it could have been done better, or in different circumstances. Most of all I just didn't like the way it was narrated. Too much first person, far too much. Most of it wasn't even necessary, though I suppose since all the nightmares were personal then it made sense, but not if Kyle was actually inside their head and watching them. Then the first person nonsense was rather redundant.
I'm actually disappointed that I didn't enjoy this book, and rather confused that I couldn't even make myself finish it. I did make it past half-way, however, and, naughtily, I read the last page. Probably wouldn't have been worth it, anyway.