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The Prodigal Mage

The Prodigal Mage - Karen Miller This book didn't make me feel sympathetic or any other kind of connection with the characters to make me want to read the sequel to it. All the characters seemed to be really extreme: either extremely cocky, extremely arrogant, extremely stupid, extremely fragile, extremely helpless, extremely annoying or extremely ignorant. There seemed to be no middle ground, no mixture, people either listened or they didn't, or they were too arrogant to even think about anything else. I don't think it was realistic in terms of character.

Disappointing since I had read Karen Miller's Riven Kingdom trilogy and thoroughly enjoyed them; perhaps these books are far too "Young-Adult" for my liking. Possibly Kingmaker: Kingbreaker should have been read first, though if Asher is anything like he is in these books in those too then I doubt that. There was a lot of refrencing to those books, and fair enough, this does come after those, though it isn't necessary. Perhaps Young-Adult isn't the way forward, though I am still very disappointed and highly recommend the Riven Kingdom series of books, particularly if you didn't seem to enjoy these books much, either.