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The Gargoyle

The Gargoyle - Andrew Davidson what an odd book. It was intriguing, but that is about it. The narrator suffers a terrible "fourth"-degree complete skin burn as a result of a drunken car crash and sits in hospital with no other to do than either mope and be arrogant and annoying or think back on his pornographic and drug-abusing life. And then he meets a mental out-patient who believes they have been lovers since the Middle Ages. An interesting storyline, with good "flashback" stories told by Engel about thier past together, but the sub-standard narration by the protagonist is very off-putting and only makes one loath him, if only because it all seems to be his own fault yet he can't seem to see that.

Read it if you like popular books, books with sad-but-happyish endings, a good bit of history and romance or the progression of the human mind as they focus upon themselves as a character and improve/fall further down.