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Half Moon

Half Moon - Dale Renton Acquired this book through GoodReads as a part of their First-Read giveaways, Half Moon combines war with magic in a tale that combines run-of-the-mill fantasy with an original twist to it.

One of the main enjoyable aspects of this book is the way it keeps groups of characters seperate for much of the book. This isn't something you find in most books; usually you get a few main characters who meet by chance at the beginning and thus begins their tale together. Instead, we have around four groups who have their own tale to tell, but are all interconnected. It was also not full of annoying terms and names that fantasy writers create just because it's fantasy and therefore must be different - it was easy to read in this aspect, and also wasn't challenging to read in purely linguistic terms. Good English. (The least you expect from writers but you cannot deny that there are some who clearly weren't meant for it...)

The ending was... it was not anti-climatic, but it felt rushed after all the trouble that had been put into getting there. I believe that more could have been gotten out of the ending rather than what was there, though by all means this should not put you off. The ending is hardly guessable, particularly since often you are found to be guessing what might become toward the end.

One thing that did annoy me a lot was the use of breakers (marked with the ~ symbol). I thought these were overused and often in places that they didn't necessarily need to be used, which broke the story slightly inthose places and often left you wondering why such a breaker was used.