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Mike and Psmith

Mike and Psmith - P.G. Wodehouse A humorous book full of cricket? I might actually be in love with P.G. Wodehouse. Aside from the occassional reference to bails in Hitchhiker's Guide, I have failed utterly to find any other books that are amusing, great reads that include a plethora of cricket. Until now.

I think it was Stephen Fry who first made me want to read P.G. Wodehouse. I had no clue that cricket was so prominent in these books, though if Mr. Fry liked them so much I should have guessed.

Anyway, my massive cricket fetish aside, this book was such a great read because it encapsulated a lot of very British things altogether, and simultaneously propelled them to the heightes of great tradition and also mocked them openly in a way that even Dickens would be impressed with. Possibly also a good reference book for knowing what little boys get up to at public schools, with certain things left out, of course. Like buggery for one.