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The Last Kingdom

The Last Kingdom - Bernard Cornwell The Last Kingdom is an amazing story telling the tales of ancient England being plighted by the Danes, otherwise known as the Vikings. The storyline is brilliant and remarkably told, with truth mixed in with artistic licence. The language used i fresh and full, mixing description with feeling and speech really well.
My own personal feeling on this is that it should not have been written in first person, although I have a personal biased against that kind of narrative telling. The reasons for this feeling is that the story in first person is very often either very thin because of the narrative techniques when using first person (i.e. third person would be omniscent, to whit a lot more story can be given because of such a wide variety of ability in getting characters perspectives etc). Despite this, the story was well told with only a few minor aspects of the first person narrative making it seem a little forced (an example being the narrator knowing such things that you'd think they couldn't and only an omniscent narrator could).
The plot and storyline were invaluable and the characters were fiercely likable in most cases, and enjoyably dislikable in others, also being believable for the time and setting. The Historical content was also amazing, the place names and information given was a great insight to a period of England's life that is little talked about.
The only reason this book has not been given 5-stars is because of my own personal preference for a third person narrative, that is all.