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Postmortem  - Patricia Cornwell Post Mortem is a brilliant book that crosses paced and thrilling description with functioning science and thoroughly believable characters all together.
At first, the first person narrative was a downer because I'm not inclined to like certain books with that narrative. I was wrong to think this: the first person narrative, voiced from Dr Kay Scarpetta, makes the story a completely intense and thoroughly enjoyable read. The scientific jargon is there but it is explained completely in a non condescending manner which gives the impression that you understand everything scientific that occurs. It is explain through the clever first person narrative choice and does not completely overwhelm you into putting the book down. Instead it draws you along with the protagonist and other characters involved and altogether it is a fantastic read. The characters are intrinsic enough for you to get to know them as you should, but they're also not put bare in front of you as I have experienced in some first person narratives.
This also being the first book of this genre I have ever read, having not been completely interested (or able to pull myself away from fantasy and sci-fi), I have found a new genre to add to my large collection and will be following up with a review of all Cornwell's other books, too.