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Expendable - James Alan Gardner I actually debated with myself for a long while as to whether I'd read the rest of this book. I'm not sure what drew me in to read it, because I found the characters to be 2D and conceited and, whilst I quite enjoyed the concept of people who look abnormal to be thought of as "expendable" people whose deaths don't cause low moral and can be sent off to explore unknown and most probably dangerous planets, I found the way the author wrote about it extremely tiresome. I only found detestation and I'm certain I could work out the rest of the plot by myself if I tried. It was also not exactly sci-fi, because rarely did anything sci-fi happen, except floating about in space. The writing was fine but the dialogue was shaky. I was also very disappointed with the "disformity" of the protagonist: a birth mark on her face? If the author had deigned to write about someone with, for example the protag's best friend, half a face, then maybe it could have been something else; something wonderful and not just a remark on how people who look a bit weird and treated a bit weird.