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The Cockroaches

The Cockroaches - Jo Nesbo Harry Hole is once again sent to another country to work on a case that involves a Norwegian: this time it's the Norwegian Ambassador to Thailand in Bangkok. There he meets the widow and daughter of the ambassador and a whole lot more Norwegians to boot; it seems the place is crawling with them. Alongside intrigue and trying to avoid political scandal, Harry once again fights against alcohol and people who just won't tell the truth.

The Harry Hole series is full of very quick reads that are exactly what one wants from a thriller and crime novel: murder, intrigue, lies and deceit and a detective who is slightly unhinged and intriguing themselves. Whilst it's fairly formulaic, if you're looking for that then that's great. There's not much different with these books (though I've only read the first two) but with average expectations you'd do worse elsewhere.