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The Bat: A Harry Hole thriller (Harry Hole 1)

The Bat: A Harry Hole thriller (Harry Hole 1) - Jo Nesbo Harry Hole (pronounced 'Hoo-leh'), is sent to Sydney, Australia, to help find the killer of a Norwegian ex-pat woman who, through closer inspection alongside Aboriginal officer Andrew Kensington, seems to not be a singular case but one of many across Australia. Harry plunges deep in to Aboriginal culture and finds himself mixing with a Swedish ex-pat woman, whilst all the time he's attempting to find a serial rapist and murderer.

This is the first of the 'Harry Hole' seiers by Jo Nesbo, but it was not the first that was translated in to English. I can see why they did that, though; this book is set exclusively in Australia, despite the fact that Hole is a Norwegian detective, with the exception of a few flash backs provided via first-person storytelling.

It's a quick and easy read with a good storyline and a nice mix of Australian culture from a tourist's P.O.V. We get a good sense of who Harry Hole is here-an ex-alcoholic who meets a beautiful Swedish girl and, despite himself, "falls in love" and finds himself teetering on the edge of the wagon. We get segments of his past and find out what kind of copper he is. There are perhaps too many references to "what the cops on TV do", but all in all it is a standard crime novel with good dialogue and twists you don't find incomprehensible.