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What the Apothecary Ordered

What the Apothecary Ordered - Caroline Rance A compendium of weird cures for ailments that range from the annoying to the most severe that have come from all over the world throughout the ages.

What the Apothecary Ordered is best served in paper format-either hardcover or paperback-as it is not a book to be read from cover to cover, but instead delved in to at interim stages. I would suggest it was not a complete work of such cures, but more inclusive of the weirder ones, and perhaps the ones that we of the 21st Century would scoff at the most. It also comes with illustrations of real-life posters and advertisements wherein these so-called cures were announced to the world, mostly based on little evidence.

I would suggest it not in eBook format but as a paper copy itself, though honestly I would assume that there were far greater variants of this book out there that offer a larger selection. It is a good starter for those who think they may be interested in this kind of thing.