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Nerd Do Well

Nerd Do Well - Simon Pegg Simon Pegg is one of my all-time favourite comedy actors (and writers) after watching Shaun of the Dead a few years ago and marvelling at him starring in Rik Mayall's and Ade Edmondson's Guest House Paradiso. Now, I'm not a big autobiography fan. If it was written by a comedien or someone comic (with the exception of my alarming obsession for anything Cricket related) then there's every chance that it's going to be funny, and that is what the main point should be.

I'm not a nerd or a geek or a dweeb or whatever term they may use to collectively refer to themselves, although I have my moments, and though this book was full of unending references to things of a Star nature amongst other things, this meant that the book was no less enjoyable. In fact, this only heightened my enjoyment of the book since I can hardly tolerate to learn about the life of someone I've never met. Again, making it funny and turning it into a story that is purposefully funny makes them tolerable. Also having a lack of ego and a great sense of taking-the-piss out of oneself is the best way forward.