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The Whitsun Weddings

The Whitsun Weddings - Philip Larkin Philip Larkin, a 20th Century poet, was primarily a Librarian at Hull University, but also wrote Jazz reviews and novels. He died of throat cancer and refused the Poet Laureate position as he was a very drawn-in and private man; and not a fan of any kind of fame.

The Whitsun Weddings is a collection of 32 poems that focus of the mundanity of everyday life and the small things that people barely notice. A lot of his best known poems are in this collection.

I prefer to read poetry out loud, but Larkin's poetry doesn't really lend itself to that, which may be because Larkin was a quiet, unassuming man with a stutter. As is, though their rhythm and tone can lead to some great movements of the tongue and mouth, my enjoyment was lessened and I barely felt anything as I did so. He had a way with words, but it is a different way to what I usually enjoy.