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Blood on Snow

Blood on Snow - Tom Johansen Olav, "fixer", another word for hitman. His victims are his units and right now his boss wants him to kill someone he simply can't bring himself to kill: his boss's wife. But Olav is also in love with a deaf and dumb ex-junkie's girlfriend, and he really doesn't know what to do.

This is a novella of just under 200 pages with large writing, so it's an easy, quick crime thriller read. Nesbø's other attempt at a first-person story of this ilk was Headhunters, which was a terrible book that had little going for it. This had a bit more than that, but not a lot.

I found myself liking Olav, even though he is a pathetic piece of Man flesh. He's quite endearing, but other than that it's just a breezy read. It's fast-paced, much akin to the earlier Hole books, but it's really not much to shout about.