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The Gate of the Hundred Sorrows (Little Black Classics #24)

The Gate of the Hundred Sorrows (Little Black Classics #24) - Rudyard Kipling Rudyard Kipling is best known for The Jungle Book and his Just So Stories, which show his prowess as a writer and his mastery over words and their wonders.

The Gate of the Hundred Sorrows just doesn't cut it. It was terribly written and I almost forgot who had written it. His poetry is marvellous, his best and most famous being If, and his prose is just as good. He was born and grew up in Indian, which these stories concern.

It may be that I am not interested in India; perhaps that may be it. But there was nothing to grip me and, like a lot of short stories, they lacked a depth and roundedness that the longer format, or even poetry, contains.