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Trimalchio's Feast (Little Black Classics #21)

Trimalchio's Feast (Little Black Classics #21) - Petronius Arbiter Petronius, a first-century courtier is believed to be the author of The Satyricon of which this segment is taken from. As a whole it concerns Encolpius the narrator and his young lover Gidon as they adventure through the lowest and highest parts of Roman society. Sadly, The Satyricon does not exist as a complete novel, but as a fractured remains of a mixture of prose and poetry.

Trimalchio's Feast is a bawdy, drunken affair with men, food, slaves and a great deal of sexism. It is hilarious at points and also typical of the male kind of writing that we are used to: men being men with woman following after them with the bucket. An important piece of early writing, especially about the lower classes during the Roman Empire, but emphatically patriarchal.