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The Son

The Son - Jo Nesbo Sonny Lofthus is in prison, listening in silence to the confessions of his prisonmates who are convinced he can grant them forgiveness for their sins. But one of them confesses something a little too close to Sonny's heart and all of sudden Sonny needs to get out; get out of prison, get out of a false confession he's been forced to make, get out of this junkie life he's been living...

Ahhh, Nesbo. You have redeemed yourself in my eyes. His two shorter, first-person novels, Headhunters and Blood On Snow, were lacklustre and kind of pathetic (to be brisk), but with this third-person good ole Coppers versus Robbers tale I'm happy to say I like Nesbo again.

It wasn't such a quick read (I still managed it in one day, though) and it was developed and well thought-through like his Harry Hole novels always were. I didn't find any of the characters particularly interesting or likeable, but when you're choosing between criminals and corrupt police officers and pathetic little women you don't really have much to choose from. A great, quickk crime-thriller read from an author who is a little up and down, but still worth a couple of hours of your time.