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The Snowman (Harry Hole Mysteries, No. 7)

The Snowman - Jo Nesbo Harry Hole is the only man in Norway who has knowledge of serial killers and that's exactly what Oslo Crime Squad think they've got on their hands: the one the call The Snowman. And why? Because he builds a snowman, either to watch over their next victim, or to mock their limp and lifeless bodies after they've killed them.

Harry Hole has gone from bad to worse to okay to bad to terrible to fine to pathetic to fine again in quite a short space of time. I read this book in one day: not that hard to do. It is a quick-read in terms of reading as a whole, but in terms of crime-fiction it's actually quite light. I don't know what the big deal is with Scandinavian crime thrillers; I don't find them any darker than British or American ones. Maybe it's all lost in translation?

But the misogyny and utter contempt for women was jarring in this one. "I'm on my period" was a particular excuse used by Harry's new colleague-a woman, obviously-which was the lamest piece of dialogue ever used. Nesbo started out quite well, but when you lump yourself with a man as pathetic as Harry (yes I KNOW he's the best damn crime squad investigator there has ever been) who really needs to get over Rakel and stop drinking.

This was basically Stieg Larsson's trilogy The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, only in Norwegian and less apathetic towards woman as a whole. I'm also sick of all the women falling at Harry's feet instantly. It's 'cause he's so bad, I know.